The Power of Collaborative
ESG Risk & Impact Rating

While financial rating relies on information provided and verified by accountants, ESG rating fundamentally relies on informations provided and verified by stakeholders, who are accountable for them.


Investors, Asset managers, Plublic & private companies, stakeholders, regulators


Multiple stakeholders & experts profiles sharing knowledge for building consensus on ESG Risk & Impact Rating


2.0 Social Blockchain providing tracability , integrity and incentives for sharing expertise

What is crowdvalue?

An innovative tool based on new technologies that provides independent and dynamic ESG Risk & Impact Rating
  • KPIs based backbone to shape ESG corporate anatomy
  • Integrated extra-financial analysis into asset risk and valuation profile
  • Valuation that relies on consensus as much as on dissensus
  • Proactive dialogue between corporates, investors and stakeholders
  • ESG due-diligence for non-listed companies
  • ESG materiality & Impact Assessment matrix for investors & corporates
  • MI-FID 2 compliant independant research platform


Recent Companies

valuate the overall value of a business on the basis of a consolidation of financial data but also extra-financial on societal and environmental issues, governance and reputation of a company. Evaluation data is based on information from traditional channels but also enriched by a community composed of investor, analyst financial institutions, employees and the company itself, for example, comment, note the company on several criteria extrain order to complete the overall vision of a businessgiven.

Apple Technology
Engie Electric, utility

BP Oil & Gas

What We Provide

An independent and collaborative measurement of the environmental, social and governance risk and impact profile of any organization. Evaluation is based on data from traditional channels enhanced by the power and legitimacy of the crowd. Crowdvalue belongs to its community : stakeholders, experts, analysts with a unique opportunity to stimulate corporate disclosure and dialogue.